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22nd March 2018

Hello my awesome followers, lets talk about playing life’s piano. I cannot express how I love this post and how powerful its message is.

I can honestly confirm that I have played many tunes with the black keys, and as painful as it was, it made me who I am today, a strong positive unafraid of life woman.

There are so many times that I can recall that I felt I couldn’t get through the black keys, I challenged my faith and I questioned my faith with the why me? And What have I done to deserve this?

Don’t you find its the first thing we do when faced with hurt or failure?

Today looking back I realise and understand that I had to go thru those black key notes to be able to play my beautiful song I’m playing today. Today I use both black and white keys and I produce beautiful music!!

There is no such word as failure in my life, and I’m not saying I don’t experience failure, I do, all the time, what I am saying, is that I have learnt to put the fear of failure in a sealed box in the attic.

Failures I come across I KNOW are there to teach me something I haven’t quite grasped and I open my heart and faith completely so that I allow myself to learn from it.

I’m sure there are many of you out there that still have fear of failure around the house and you haven’t managed to seal it in your box and store it in your attic???

I’m telling you now go get a box, grab failure, put it in your box and go store it in the attic. Please do it, actually literallly do it. You will see how life opens up to you and how you are able to receive it and take that leap of faith knowing that failure no longer plays a part.

I know there are times where failure will still show up, but its a failure of a different kind to the one you knew, before you sealed it in a box.
Its a failure of great teaching and great lessons that just add value to your life. You can just pick yourself up, take what “failure” taught you,  and start a new journey with more confidence and more knowledge than before, therefore empowering yourself and believing in yourself all over again with a new positive passion.

I will leave all of you on this note, and I hope that you will share your story with me and you will take photos of your sealed boxes and share them with us.

Together we can do great things and overcome all obstacles.

I await with anticipation for your response to my post on playing the piano, and I hope that I have touched something inside you in a positive way

Blessings and many awesome tunes to all of you

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