28th February 2018
28th February 2018

If you have tapped into my website you will know that we have just launched a new unique baby clothing range called boofo baby. we going to rise and shine together each day and connect and communicate on all levels. We will be introducing “ its a boofo girl thing” as well, where we will get in tune with our inner emotions and feelings about everyday life. We going to share, comment and connect with what makes us mad, sad, happy and passionate.

Let me just clarify myself So feel free to comment and post as much as you like and lets just enjoy each other and lets enjoy the moment, to let your hair down and just be you. WARNING! Most people confuse passion with crazy . So let me be clear on the onset, we are bat shit passionate !!! Lol Firstly let me tell you how we fit together as partners in crime . Yes, we are family, mother and daugther, and despite what everyone says about mixing family with business, I want to say that there is no human on earth that loves you more, or that you can trust with your life, more than your mother. Moms, you can totally relate….right????

It is such a privilege and an honor for me to be able to create and share my passion with a person I love and trust with all that I am! With love, trust and passion as our primary ingredients to our recipe for BOOFO baby creations, I truly believe the world is our oyster and YOU, reading this, are all our pearls we need to make it an exciting ,creative and extra ordinary journey. I started BOOFO baby 28 years ago, when Antonella was my model for all our clothing.

Ok I admit I also land up giggling when I see this photo of my first advert in the LIVING AND LOVING magazine …… It looks like a total mess!!!!! hahah, yet at the time, I was so proud and just as passionate as I am today 26 years later!!!! I would say I have come a long way when it comes to presentation…. hahahaha Nonetheless it was a great success. I had to end my journey due to reasons that looking back, don’t matter now, what matters now is that I have re-ignited the passion with that same little model, she is all grown up now, and our models today are her children.My beautiful grandchildren, Alessia and Luca How wonderful is this circle of events!!

I’m going to leave you today by asking you for your feelings on our first post. Please introduce yourself and let us get to know you. I would love to hear similar stories from you . Please share and connect with me! It doesn’t have to be a business partnership story, just an awesome story on your life together with your special human!! Share an event that makes you feel happy and proud, take 5 minutes of your busy schedule and go back, re-kindle the passion and awesomeness and let it out. Who influenced your life to re-ignite your inner passion? I wish you all an awesome day filled with love and awesome recollections!!

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