Day 2
28th February 2018
Launch day
17th March 2018

Today we going to have a giggle together, and I am going to share with you the joys and laughter we experienced while creating our “BOOFO baby” birds. We decided to have a family of birds, that were quirky, happy, grumpy, funny, serious, skinny, chubby, short, tall, cute, colourful, unusual, messy, the list of inspirational words was endlessEveryday my daughter and myself went to work – and with every spare moment we had, we let our creative juices flow!!

As we completed a bird we would send each other our drawings, what a load of laughs and fun we had drawing our birds Each bird that we came up with, was drawn with such a huge sense of freedom, we loved the imperfections of our birds, it allowed us to just sit and create with a fun filled spirit, a similar spirit to the one we have when we are children, where nothing mattered, we were unspoilt goods. it was so wonderful to tap into that spirit we all loose and forget so quickly. we all grow up and respond and become what society and life demands us to be. I am not going to talk about that too much as I would like to dedicate a seperate post on that subject


Our birds were done and we loved each and every one. It was time to name our birds. We spread out our pictures on the coffee table, got the family together, and gave them each a pen and paper, and told them to have a look at each bird and give them a name that came to their minds.

What a fun filled evening of laughter and fun!!! The lists started forming furiously. All the creative questions started rolling out…. Do we make them funny names? Or do we give them English names? Do we add an adjective or don’t we …. My sons girlfriend, Nicole, in Cape Town was sending her lists too and she thought maybe we could give them a baby language names, like goo goo or na na? Hubby thought of putting adjectives to names …. handsome Harry …. it was all loads of fun. Gabriella my “laat lammetje” got very competitive and wanted hers to be the best hahaha It was so awesome to see how each member and friend, related to their lives and their memories of their childhood nicknames..

It was so special for everyone to just relax and remember how awesome it was to be a child, with a free spirit , not burdened with seriousness and responsibilities. It gave all of us a special time to just be, and to just have fun. It was wonderful to let family and friends all have their little part in our journey. We eventually got all the list of names in, and just thanked everyone for the exercise and input!!! We eventually decided on Italian names, as we are South African Italians and thought we would add an Italian touch to our creation. I proudly introduce to you all our first memberrs to the BOOFO baby family

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