28th February 2018
It’s a BOOFO girl thing
22nd March 2018

Hi guys,

it’s Antonella here, Manuela’s daughter and partner in our new venture-Boofo baby!
I’m the quiet one Manuela talked about 🙂

So today, 08 March 2018, was our official launch of our unique, awesome, ‘happy’ baby clothing and accessory range.

Our launch is being held at Sarcda Trade International Expedition 2018.

I cant believe the day has finally arrived we have gone through so many obstacles, of which non killed our faith and belief in our brand.
Today was very daughting for me, mommy dearest can sell ice to an Eskimo, where I got told while doing promotions (pocket money when I was younger) that I was the worst sales rep they had met and they would support me just for that reason 🙈

So ya forgive me for my fear of not believing I can transfer my love for Boofo baby through sales🙈

It was so amazing how people were responding- on how unique and different our vibe and look was to every baby range/brand they had ever seen!

I was so happy and at peace to hear from strangers mouths that our stuff was unique and beautiful- that we were not the only two crazy daisy birds passionate about our venture!!!!!

The day flew by- what a accomplishment. I’m so very proud of every inch of our stand.

And may God guide us this weekend. And open up doors and opportunities.
Our website is up and running as I’m sure you have seen. Please let us know what you think of Boofo Baby? And our gorgeous stand ❤️
Have an awesome evening guys xx look forward to hearing from you.

Antonella Erasmus

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